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25th Home Sale Charity Program

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

We Are Giving Away $5,000 This Year!

Logo of 25th Home Sale Charity Program

On March 15th, The McT Real Estate Group kicked off our first annual 25th Home Sale Charity Program, where we give away $5,000 across five local charities as voted on by members of our communities.

Somewhat like the NCAA’s March Madness Elimination Rounds, we have a similar process of our very own!

20 of the top nominations will be included up and through April 16th  

Round 1 will be from April 17th – May 1st. Here is where the five charities that receive the most votes will move on to the next round, which runs all the way through the closing of our 25th Home Sale.

We are super excited to have the community be part of the giving this year so don’t forget to participate. Whether you put notifications on your phones, post reminders to your friends across their social media platforms, or give them reminders in person. Remember to nominate and vote by going to go towards the bottom of the page and fill out your name, email and write in the name of your nomination in the box provided under the email section or simply email [email protected] and let us know who you wish to nominate.

Here is your chance to make a difference in the lives of those who really need our help. The McT Real Estate Group, along with every non-profit group that is participating are very thankful to you for taking that time and voting.

3420 Dwight Street,San Diego,CA - Open House

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Come join the McT Real Estate Group at our sneak preview Open House today and tomorrow, March 11th and 12th from 1-3 at our new listing located at 3420 Dwight Street in North Park.

This is a darling Spanish Style home with lots of charm on one of the few cul-de-sacs in North Park's Urban Neighborhoods.

We will be hitting the MLS on Monday so come be the first one to take a look before the competition.

3420 Dwight Street

5- Tips to Buying a Home in San Diego with Confidence

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

If you feel tense about Buying a Home in San Diego, you are not alone.  Many people fear they will not qualify for a mortgage, and put off applying for one as a result.  Don’t let this common misconception hold you back. Find out what your buying power is. There is a good chance that you are eligible for a loan and do not know it.

 Below are tips that will help you with Buying a Home in San Diego with confidence  Tips to buying a home

1) Home-Buying Counselors

Speaking one-on-one with a certified counselor is a great place to start.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides consumers with free or low-cost counselors that can help you become educated on the various aspects of Buying a Home.

There may be tools available to you that you are unaware of, and a counselor can point them out to you.  Have you heard of an FHA Loan? A common misconception is that a buyer needs twenty percent down in order to buy a house.  With a credit score of 580 or higher, you could get FHA loan (a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration) with a down payment as low as 3.5 percent.

 Additionally, if you are a veteran, you maybe be eligible for a zero-down loan through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  Click here to find a counseling agency near you . If you would like a list of local lenders that we have been working with for many years, let us know and we can send you their contact information as well


2) Do your Own Research Upfront 

 The more you know about mortgages, the less intimidated you will feel.  Learning a few basics will greatly improve your confidence when applying for a mortgage.  In addition to Mortgage counselors, there are many resources available online to help you get you up to speed.  For example, NeighborWorks America, is a non-profit organization devoted to educating consumers on homeownership, has tools and information available on buying your first home.


3) Determine your financial situation

 Sit down and crunch the numbers.  You’ll need to determine your gross income - the money left over after health insurance costs, contributions to retirement/savings accounts, etc.  As a general “rule of thumb, housing expenses should be no more than 30 percent of gross income.  Keep in mind that often there will be maintenance costs such as fixing an unexpected leak in the roof, clogged plumbing, ect.  Set aside a minimum of $5,000 thousand for these costs.

After assessing your financial situation, you may find that it’s not the best time for you to buy.  If this is the case, you can determine what steps you need to take to prepare yourself for confident home-ownership.

 4) Explore Different Options

 Don’t jump at the first mortgage loan you are approved for. If you have started working with a local Realtor, ask them for a few different lender referrals. Getting quotes from different lenders will give you options to choose from, and the power to negotiate a better rate, saving you money. Preparing a list of important questions for lenders will help you compare them and choose the right one.  Also, be aware that renegotiation of mortgage rates is possible even after you lock your rate in. There are also fees that some lenders can remove or assist you in paying for closing costs. Ask your lender about these options as well as the different types of loans out on the market that will suit your needs.

 5) Work with An Experienced Local Realtor

 Reach out to a few local Realtors. Drive through the neighborhood where you would like to buy a home. If you keep seeing the same Realtor on signs of homes that have just sold, give them a call. Ask your friends or co-workers for referrals. If they have had a great experience with their Realtor and or lender, they will happily give their contact information out. Call the Realtor and make a phone or in-person appointment with them. If you feel that you will make a good fit, work with them. They will be able to guide you through the process and complexities of Buying a Home. They will be in constant communication with whichever lender you end up choosing and together, be able to help you through the process of finding the perfect home for you with the best loan possible that you feel comfortable.

Conclusion - Know that you are building Wealth  

Property Value in San Diego has steadily risen since 2012 and continues to rise.  When you buy a home, you are making an investment that will appreciate in value, and as you pay off your mortgage, you are building your wealth.

If you would like to speak to the McT Real Estate Group about the possibilities of Buying a Home in San Diego, contact us right away. We would love to help.


North Park and Normal Heights Real Estate Market

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

2017 begins with lots of excitement and activity within the Real Estate Market in North Park, Normal Heights, South Park and other Metro Neighborhoods in San Diego.

First, we have a darling two-bedroom bungalow located at 3675 Meade Ave. in Normal Heights that will be going on the market for sale on January 17th. This home has an open and spacious kitchen with rich wood cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. There are wood floors throughout and a nice size backyard featuring water wise turf, alley access and a one car garage with a very long driveway for those who have more than one vehicle. 

Normal Heights is an exciting place to live if you like being able to walk to some of the most amazing Restaurants, Cafes, and Shops. If you like having great walk-ability, then come check out this little gem.


For a quick SNEAK PREVIEW of a few of our upcoming homes for sale, click on the link below.

3675 Meade Ave Living Room


We also have a beautiful three bedroom Mid-Century Home located at 2505 Boundary Street in North Park, within the McKinley School Boundaries that is going on the market for sale tomorrow. In order to truly appreciate this house, you must open the front door and step inside. It is spacious with a very nice layout. The open kitchen floor plan is wonderful for those who like to cook and entertain, as it opens up to the dining room and has a large island where one can gather and be part of. San Diego’s indoor-outdoor living is one to take advantage of and this home shows this off nicely. There is a beautifully designed deck and pergola off of the dining room with gorgeous views of the tiered leveled backyard. Lots of love has been put into this home and it shows.

2505 Boundary Street


For more info on these homes and in San Diego’s most sought after neighborhoods’, contact the McT Real Estate Group. 

Should You Buy or Sell a Home in San Diego's Hot Market?

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Should You Buy a Home or Sell a Home in San Diego’s Hot Market?

Home Drawing


Buying a Home or Selling a home in San Diego can be very emotional and stressful for the most part. This is mostly true for the traditional/conventional buyer or seller but not so much for the home investor. If you are an investor that keeps homes or one that buys a home, remodels it and turns around and sells it right away (known as a flipper), it is all about the numbers. If the numbers work, then you move forward. If they don’t, you move on to the next one.

For the average person Buying a Home it is more about loving the home you are getting ready to buy. It is also about the neighborhood, neighbors and the environment around you. Of course you also want to make sure that the home that you are ready to buy is also a good investment; however, it is more of a place to call home. You want to be able to see yourself living there in the next 5+ years or so.

Here in the North Park and South Park neighborhood of San Diego, we are still experiencing a very hot market and in many cases the homes we sell are receiving multiple offers and offers that are going over list price. If you are a seller, this is an amazing feeling and opportunity. On the other hand, if you are a homebuyer and have lost out on other homes because you were outbid, this can be very stressful and discouraging. To make this a little less stressful, it is imperative that you work with an experienced Mortgage Lender as well as a Realtor that is an expert in the neighborhood and with the complexities that come with getting your offer accepted. This person should be a strong negotiator your behalf, and making sure that you understand every step of the way so you can make the best-educated decisions throughout the process.

The same holds true with the Mortgage Lender that you choose to work with. It is usually best to go with a local lender that understands how Real Estate in Southern California works. This is not to say that you should not work with a lender that is in another part of the Country. We are just sharing our experience of the last 12 years. Things usually go a bit smoother when the lender is local.

If you are thinking of Buying a Home or selling a home in the North Park or South Park Communities of San Diego, give the McT Real Estate Group a call, text, or shoot us an email. We are here to help.

3619 Landis Street- Open House

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Come see this adorable North Park Bungalow. Located minutes away from North Park's Restaurants and Shopping and with easy access to main freeways. This is a low maintenance home which is a great alternative to living in a condo where there are HOA fees and attached neighboring walls.

This open concept home features high vaulted ceilings and an open concept living area with open views of living and the kitchen. Come see for yourself; we will have an open house on Dec. 11th from 1-3 pm. If you would like to get in sooner and beat the crowds, please give the McT Real Estate Group a call at (619) 432-2279 or shoot us an email. 

Do Open Houses In North Park Work?

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

 North Park Open House sign

Here at the McT Real Estate Group, we do things a little different. The week before the open house we advertise to our database of over 7,000 people that are actively looking to buy a home in the North Park and surrounding neighborhoods. We also call and send out invitations to people in the neighborhood. We do this because people in the neighborhood have friends that may want to buy a home in the same neighborhood as their friends. We also post ads on Facebook and Instagram as we get a lot of inquiries from these sources. On the morning of the open house, at least 20-30 directional signs are put out letting people know that during 1-3 we will have your home open to the public.

You may ask, “Have we ever sold a house because of an open house?" The answer is yes. This has happened on many occasions. The reason is because potential buyers don’t always have time during the workweek to see a home because of the late hours that they work. By advertising that the home will be open during the weekend, buyers have come through and have fallen in love with the homes, put offers on them and ultimately purchased them. By marketing the home to as many people as possible for a weekend open house and making it easy for potential buyers to see your home, this will bring you, the seller, great results.

If you have any questions on buying or selling your home in North Park, South Park or any of the Metro Neighborhoods in San Diego, give the McT Real Estate Group a call. We would love the opportunity to speak with you. 

3738 Bancroft- Open House

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

3738 Bancroft Street

North Park has come a long way in the last 10-15 years and has been noted as one of the hippest places to live in and own property in. Because of all of the new Restaurants, Shops, and Boutique Stores, we are seeing a lot of foot traffic and great walkability in certain areas.

With this being said, we are getting ready to put this home located at 3738 Bancroft on the public market next week but wanted to give you and anyone you know the opportunity to see it first. Currently, it is a two bedroom bungalow with lots of charm that sits on a large lot that is Zoned as MR 1750 and can house up to 3 units.

This makes it a great investment for someone who would like to build more units and sell or rent them out, or simply keep it like it is and enjoy having a large backyard with endless possibilities. As you walk up to the front door and into the home you are welcomed with an open view of the living room and dining room featuring hardwood floors and coved ceilings. As you walk past the living room, off to the right is a hallway and this is where the bathroom is. Both bedrooms are on that side of the home. Going back to the living room and past the dining area, you walk into the kitchen which features stainless steel appliances and cabinets which contain original charm. Off of the kitchen is a nice breakfast nook  and on the other side of the wall is a hallway where you will find the laundry area.

There is a door in the laundry room that leads out to the beautiful deck with views of the very large backyard.

We will have it open today and tomorrow for a sneak preview before putting it on the public market. If you or anyone you know may be interested, come take a look from 1-3. If you have any questions, feel free to call the McT Real Estate Group. We are here to answer all of your Real Estate questions.

Buying a For Sale By Owner in San Diego- 3 Things You Should Know

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Buying a “For Sale By Owner” in San Diego? 3 Things You Should Know

For Sale By Owner

You have decided to buy a home in San Diego and are working with an agent/Realtor but are also probably searching for homes for sale on, Zillow and Trulia, just to name a few sites.

Most of the homes you see are listed with Realtors however; you do come across a few homes that are “For Sale By Owner.” What do you do?


Call Your Realtor

99 percent of the time the home sellers will work with Realtors that bring them a buyer and will compensate them. Calling your Realtor is the first thing that you should do, informing them that you found a “For Sale By Owner” and you would like to find out more information on it. Sellers know that home buyers are saavy these days and are most likely are working with an experienced Realtor that will help them through the process of Buying a Home. A buyer’s agent is working on your behalf and will advise you as well as be the buffer during what can be an intense negotiation. They will work through the hurdles that typically come up during the inspection and loan contingency periods.


What Does The Seller Have To Disclose?

Just because it is a “For Sale By Owner” does not mean that the rules of Selling a Home in San Diego is different than any other sale. The seller still must give you full disclosures about the property. There is still an Escrow Company involved and also a Title Company. The Title company will do a title search and make sure that it holds clear title and there is nothing affecting it while the Escrow Company will hold on to your deposit and handle the funds and the recording once the transaction is completed. Unfortunately, not all sellers know that process so having a good Realtor on your side will protect you. Your Realtor will know exactly what to ask the seller and what forms the seller should sign. Make sure that you ask a lot of questions and you and your Realtor do your due diligence regarding disclosures, permits, repairs, etc. Knock on the neighbors doors and ask questions about the neighborhood and even about the home that you are thinking of buying. You will learn a lot from speaking with the neighbors.


Are You Overpaying For The Home?

Sellers that try to sell their home themselves do so for many reasons. Some may not have equity in the home and think that they cannot afford Realtors commission. Some think that they can do a better job and don’t think that they need a Realtor. With this being said, some think that their home is worth a lot more than what Realtors have told them and so decide to do it themselves. For whatever reason, this does not matter. What matters is that you are aware of the market conditions and what comparable homes nearby are selling for. Your Realtor will know exactly what homes to compare this home to and give you their opinion on what the home should be priced at. When the home is priced too high and you are not able to get the seller to become realistic it is better to move on to another home as this seller will have to stay on the market for quite some time before realization sinks in.

If you have any questions regarding buying or selling a home, contact the McT Real Estate Group. We can help you through the hurdles.

5 Things You Should Know About San Diego Real Estate Disclosures

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

5 Things You Should Know About San Diego Real Estate Disclosures 

North Park Fixer

What are disclosures?
When a seller decides to put their home on the market for sale in San Diego, they will hire a Realtor who will then, among other things, hand them a stack of documents that are called disclosures. The local board requires documents such as the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure, Seller Property Questionnaire, Market Condition Advisory and several others to be filled out with every home sale. Their Realtor should go over these documents with them to make sure that they understand what they mean and how to fill them out. This is the seller's opportunity to list their experience with living in the home.  Whether you are Buying a Home or selling a home in San Diego; below are 4 tips that you should know about San Diego Real Estate Disclosures.

What Type of Things Are On The Disclosures?

Whether it is a leaky faucet, a sewer line that was clogged, a roof that has leaked in the past but was fixed. This is when the seller should tell the story of the home and their experience while living in it. Whether something was fixed in the past or not, here is when the seller will document such things. By doing so, the buyer knows exactly what they are potentially buying and by being transparent the seller will avoid any future problems by disclosing everything that they know about the property, whether it is a big issue or small issue that was taken care of. Disclose, disclose, disclose!! This is the time to do so.

When Does The Seller Give the Buyers the Disclosures to Review?

Typically, once the sellers Realtor receives an offer and it has been accepted by the seller, the disclosures are then passed on to the buyer within the first 3-5 days. With this being said, as listing agents, sometimes we share these disclosures up front and post them on the MLS so that buyer agents can see them up front and share them with their potential buyers. If we are selling a home that is in need of some minor or major fixing, by letting the buyer see these disclosures up front, you will avoid falling out of contract by presenting all of the facts up front and eliminating the buyers that become scared after discovering these items after getting into contract and ultimately cancelling. 

What if the seller is not truthful?

Sometimes while the seller is filling out the disclosures, they may forget things that may have occurred many years ago. This is not to say that they are not being truthful. They may have truthfully forgotten because of the time that has past. With this being said, as a buyer, and/or your buyer's agent should ask many questions. Be as detailed as possible and make sure that you have a very good inspector to inspect the home from top to bottom. While you are under contract, or in “Escrow” as we call it in California; speak to the neighborhoods. Ask them “how do they like the neighborhood?” You will receive lots of good information with this tip alone.

Should I do more than one home inspection?

Yes, especially when Buying a Home in North Park, South Park, Normal Heights, University Heights and our other metro communities. A lot of the homes in these neighborhoods are built in the early 1900’s so although many have been remodeled, not every single part of the home has been updated so you should absolutely do more than just a general inspection. When we work with our buyer clients, we always recommend that they have a roof inspection; electrical inspection, foundation inspection as well as having a plumber scope the sewer line. This is not to say that you are going to ask the seller to give you a new roof, new electrical panel, etc. It is just so you, the buyer knows exactly what you are buying.
If you are planning a buying or selling your home in North Park, South Park, University Heights, Normal Heights or any other metro neighborhood in San Diego, call or reach out to the McT Real Estate Group. We would be happy to speak with you about possibly working together

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