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North Park is one of the Hottest Zip Codes for Millennials!

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Across the country, millennials have become major players in the real estate market, turning some zip codes into the hottest home buying markets. The neighborhoods popular with millennials have strong job markets, affordable housing options, and great local amenities. A research team from® recently examined 32,000 zip codes around the United States to discover which neighborhoods have the fastest selling homes and the most homes being searched on their site. It comes as no surprise that the hip San Diego neighborhood of North Park (92104) is one of the top 10 hottest places for millennials!!


There has been an explosion of people moving to North Park from other parts of the Country because of all that it has to offer. It offers so many things to do, the choices are endless. Not only is it a neighborhood where millennials are flocking to, it is also a place where parents of children who have grown and left the nest are coming back to. They are selling their larger homes in Surburbia and coming to a neighborhood where they can enjoy flexibiltiy of leaving the car home and walking to nearby amenities.




With its great cultural diversity, delicious dining options, eclectic coffee shops, unique boutiques, numerous art galleries, and entertainment and nightlife options, North Park is the perfect spot for this young generation of home buyers to settle down! This neighborhood is continually seeing new development, with awesome new restaurants, breweries, and stores opening up, as well as additional housing developments which offer even more affordable options for millennials. Recognizing this growing demographic of residents, developers in North Park are also looking at ways to increase the walkability and public transportation in the neighborhood.



(Photo by Jason Gould)


Spend a day in North Park to see why it is one of the best San Diego spots to call home. You will never run out of things to do. Explore 30th Street, University Avenue, and El Cajon Boulevard to find some of the best restaurants and shopping in the city. Check out the variety of theater groups and art venues in the area for a unique night out. And, be sure to swing by the spectacular Balboa Park, conveniently located right next to this neighborhood. You will surely fall in love with this neighborhood after discovering all that it has to offer.


If you decide that your would like to buy a home, condo/townhouse, or an investment property in the North Park area, the McT Real Estate Group is your #1 resource. Check out the incredible North Park Featured Homes currently on the market!

Give our team a call today or visit our website at to learn more! 


Resource: REALTOR® Magazine  

3020 Bancroft Street-Open House

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Pre-Sneak- Preview- Open House Today from 1-3.

North Park, San Diego is one of the most sought out neighborhoods in San Diego's Metro Community. The culturally diverse group of people that live here, the and ability to walk to a great variety of restaurants in North Park such as Urban Solace, Sipz, cardamom bakery (just to name a few), unique shops such as Pigment or  Simply Local, and the older style Craftsman, Spanish and Bungalow Style homes make it unique and a fun place for all age groups.

Today we are introducing this beautiful Spanish Style home in North Park which has been updated with today's amenities, such as central AC, open concept kitchen, updated bathrooms, yet still captivating original charm with its' barrel ceiling and large arched picture window in the living room.

For more information or to schedule a private showing, call us directly at  (619) 940-1554.

North Park and Normal Heights Real Estate Market

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

2017 begins with lots of excitement and activity within the Real Estate Market in North Park, Normal Heights, South Park and other Metro Neighborhoods in San Diego.

First, we have a darling two-bedroom bungalow located at 3675 Meade Ave. in Normal Heights that will be going on the market for sale on January 17th. This home has an open and spacious kitchen with rich wood cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. There are wood floors throughout and a nice size backyard featuring water wise turf, alley access and a one car garage with a very long driveway for those who have more than one vehicle. 

Normal Heights is an exciting place to live if you like being able to walk to some of the most amazing Restaurants, Cafes, and Shops. If you like having great walk-ability, then come check out this little gem.


For a quick SNEAK PREVIEW of a few of our upcoming homes for sale, click on the link below.

3675 Meade Ave Living Room


We also have a beautiful three bedroom Mid-Century Home located at 2505 Boundary Street in North Park, within the McKinley School Boundaries that is going on the market for sale tomorrow. In order to truly appreciate this house, you must open the front door and step inside. It is spacious with a very nice layout. The open kitchen floor plan is wonderful for those who like to cook and entertain, as it opens up to the dining room and has a large island where one can gather and be part of. San Diego’s indoor-outdoor living is one to take advantage of and this home shows this off nicely. There is a beautifully designed deck and pergola off of the dining room with gorgeous views of the tiered leveled backyard. Lots of love has been put into this home and it shows.

2505 Boundary Street


For more info on these homes and in San Diego’s most sought after neighborhoods’, contact the McT Real Estate Group. 

North Park Real Estate Market Report

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Here is a look at the North Park Real Estate Market for December 2016. Although the market strongly favors seller, we are starting to see a little bit of a shift in 2017. This is because of the higher interest rates that have taken place in the last couple of weeks and there are talks of them going a little higher. When this happens, buyers are not able to afford what they were able to afford previously and therefore prices start to calm down a bit.


Here is a Look at the Housing Stats in North Park

There were 11 single family homes that sold as of December 30th of 2016. These properties sold on average at $579.00 per square foot which was a median price of $594,300.


2 Bedroom Homes - 121 two bedrooms homes sold in North Park in 2016 at an average of $622.00 per square foot and a median price of $564,000.


3 Bedrooms - 98 three bedrooms sold in North Park in 2016 at an average price of $546.00 per square foot and a median price of $775,250.


4 Bedrooms-14 four bedroom homes sold in North Park during the same time at an average price of $454.00 a square foot and a median price of $819,500.


5 Bedrooms-1 five-bedroom home sold in North Park in 2016 at $448.00 per square foot for a total of $787,000. You can see that there are very few homes in North Park that are more than 3 bedrooms. You will also notice by looking at the numbers that the more bedrooms/square footage the homes have, the less per square foot they sell at.


A Look at the Multi-Unit Stats in North Park


A look at the Condo Market Stats in North Park


There was a total of 15 Condos that sold in the month of December. The condo market is not as hot as the Single Family Home market, however, we are still seeing good activity. The average price per square foot for condos that sold in North Park was $394.00 with a median price of $379,000. This is a great way for someone to get into the market without having the higher prices that come with buying a Single Family Home.

1 Bedroom - There were 54 one bedroom condos that sold in North Park in 2016 at an average price of $396 per square feet and a median price of $228,500.


2 Bedroom - The most units sold in 2016 were the two bedrooms for a total of 137 at an average of $401.00 per square feet with a median price $349,900. 


3 Bedrooms - 10 three bedroom condos sold for $360.00 per square feet and a median price of $405,000.


What Does This All Mean?

With 1.5 month inventory, you will find that today's North Park Real Estate Market to still be a SELLERS Market. 

What does this mean if you are selling a house in North Park?

For a seller who has decided to sell their home at this time, this means that if you align yourself with a Realtor who specializes in the neighborhood, you can come up with a strategic plan where you can possibly receive multiple offers and benefit from the lack of inventory. Ultimately, you will be able to receive the highest and best offer possible which means more money in your pocket.

Wondering what your home is worth? Find out instantly with our 15 second home value calculator.


Here are the most recent home listings that have just been added to the MLS database in the average range for North Park. All homes here are priced at $700,000 or less.


What does this mean if you are buying a house in North Park?

Should You Buy or Sell a Home in San Diego's Hot Market?

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Should You Buy a Home or Sell a Home in San Diego’s Hot Market?

Home Drawing


Buying a Home or Selling a home in San Diego can be very emotional and stressful for the most part. This is mostly true for the traditional/conventional buyer or seller but not so much for the home investor. If you are an investor that keeps homes or one that buys a home, remodels it and turns around and sells it right away (known as a flipper), it is all about the numbers. If the numbers work, then you move forward. If they don’t, you move on to the next one.

For the average person Buying a Home it is more about loving the home you are getting ready to buy. It is also about the neighborhood, neighbors and the environment around you. Of course you also want to make sure that the home that you are ready to buy is also a good investment; however, it is more of a place to call home. You want to be able to see yourself living there in the next 5+ years or so.

Here in the North Park and South Park neighborhood of San Diego, we are still experiencing a very hot market and in many cases the homes we sell are receiving multiple offers and offers that are going over list price. If you are a seller, this is an amazing feeling and opportunity. On the other hand, if you are a homebuyer and have lost out on other homes because you were outbid, this can be very stressful and discouraging. To make this a little less stressful, it is imperative that you work with an experienced Mortgage Lender as well as a Realtor that is an expert in the neighborhood and with the complexities that come with getting your offer accepted. This person should be a strong negotiator your behalf, and making sure that you understand every step of the way so you can make the best-educated decisions throughout the process.

The same holds true with the Mortgage Lender that you choose to work with. It is usually best to go with a local lender that understands how Real Estate in Southern California works. This is not to say that you should not work with a lender that is in another part of the Country. We are just sharing our experience of the last 12 years. Things usually go a bit smoother when the lender is local.

If you are thinking of Buying a Home or selling a home in the North Park or South Park Communities of San Diego, give the McT Real Estate Group a call, text, or shoot us an email. We are here to help.

Home Buying Benefits for Military Buyers!

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Homeownership is the dream of many Americans, but did you know that Military Service members, their families and Veterans are among the highest group of homeowners?

If you're a Military Service member or Veteran, Home Buying is well within your reach! You have access to many home-buying benefits, and protections, making this one of the most powerful home loan programs on the market. Let's review the program:

VA Loan Program

Since the beginning of the VA Loan Program, over 21 million loans for Veterans and active duty Military Members and their families. Here are some of the highlights of the program:

VA loans feature many benefits that help make home buying possible, including the following:

  • No down payment requirement
  • No mortgage insurance
  • Lower average interest rates
  • Limits on closing costs
  • More lenient credit requirements

* Individuals not qualifying for a conventional home loan have been flocking to VA home loans! 

Typically, veterans and active-duty service members are eligible for a VA home loan if they served in the following capacity:

  • 90 consecutive days on active duty during wartime
  • 181 consecutive days on active duty during peacetime
  • 6 or more years in the National Guard or Reserves


Occupancy & power of attorney

The VA Loan program is focused on getting buyers into homes they'll be living in full time. However, the program does make exceptions for some active-duty service members and veterans:

For example, a spouse or children may be able to fulfill the occupancy requirement on behalf of a VA buyer.

A VA buyer who is deployed or otherwise unable to manage the loan process can typically assign a power of attorney to a spouse or family member to manage the loan process and sign documents.

If you find yourself needing to assert the Power of Attorney, there are 2 types from which to choose; General & Specific, all depending on what parts of the loan document the actual buyer can sign.

The occupancy and power of attorney options mean an eligible VA buyer’s spouse and children could buy a home during a deployment or unaccompanied assignment, helping alleviate the emotional toll of multiple moves on military families.

Basic allowance for housing

Did you know that many active-duty military members who receive a monthly housing allowance can use this money to qualify for a home loan? Mortgage Lenders can count Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) as effective income. This makes for a much easier transition from renting to owning your own home. 

For help with equating your BAH and qualifying income into a home loan equation, give the Mary McTernan team a call.

Financial protections

Being an active-duty service member, you can face unique financial challenges; deployment and changes of station can put undue emotional and financial strain on the family.  For this reason, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) can provide military personnel financial protection involving interest rates, income tax payments, foreclosure, eviction and more! 

Veterans Affairs also offers foreclosure avoidance protection assistance for homeowners. Their team of experts work with lenders on your behalf, when struggling homeownership difficulties occur.

Call Mary McTernan and her team for all your Home Buying Questions and Assistance! The San Diego area offers fabulous home choices for all Military Service personnel and Veterans!


Best Places to Live in San Diego!

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

San Diego is an incredible city to call home. Deciding where to settle down within the city can seem daunting with all of the amazing, unique neighborhoods located throughout the metropolitan area. Whether you are looking for a strong sense of community, great local businesses, or easy accessibility, there is the perfect area for you in San Diego. Here is our list of the best neighborhoods to live in San Diego!


NORTH PARK (92104)  

North Park is the perfect San Diego neighborhood for anyone that wants to be able to walk to their favorite local spots. This area is extremely pedestrian and bike friendly. On top of that, North Park is buzzing with new dining and drinking establishments, making it one of the coolest neighborhoods to currently live in. Whatever your taste buds desire, there is surely a restaurant or coffee shop in this neighborhood that you will enjoy. And, many of them offer great outdoor spaces for you to enjoy your meal in the beautiful year round weather. This neighborhood’s current claim to fame is as the craft beer hub of San Diego. There are currently six breweries located in North Park. Looking for great entertainment beyond your stomach? North Park conveniently borders Balboa Park, the main cultural center for San Diego. This park is home to 15 major museums, performing arts venues, and countless other attractions. Current Homes for Sale in North Park.



Photo Credit: Andrew Kleske

SOUTH PARK (92102, 92104)       

South Park is a small neighborhood located just north of downtown San Diego. It is perfect for anybody looking for a tight-knit community within the broader metropolitan area. South Park has an incredibly strong identity and focuses on all things local. This quaint tree lined neighborhood features an eclectic array of stores and restaurants. You will find unique items to purchase and delicious farm to table meals at the local establishments. It is an incredibly historic neighborhood within San Diego. It is dominated by single family homes, featuring Craftsman and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Current Homes for Sale in South Park.


 Photo Credit: Luci Dumas Fine Photography


This neighborhood is located between Hillcrest and North Park. University Heights is centered around Park Boulevard and Adams Avenue. This thoroughfares both feature a great assortment of boutiques, antique stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and artist studios. The history of this neighborhood is closely linked to the streetcar system that used to run throughout San Diego. Trolley Barn Park (1900 Adams Avenue) is a popular spot for local families to hang out and enjoy the San Diego sunshine. There is a great playground at the park and a free concert series every Friday during the summer. A fun fact about this park: the sidewalks within it are laid out to mimic the local street pattern in the neighborhood! With its convenient location along Interstate 8 and California State Route 163, residents in University Heights can easily travel throughout San Diego and the wider metropolitan area. Current Homes for Sale in University Heights.


Photo Credit: Andrew Kleske


NORMAL HEIGHTS (92116)     

If you want a neighborhood with rich cultural diversity, Normal Heights is the perfect spot for you. This area is recognized as the only neighborhood that accurately represents the broader diversity of San Diego as a whole. Normal Heights brings all of its residents together yearly for fantastic community-wide events. In April, check out Adams Avenue Unplugged, where you can enjoy over a hundred free live music performances over the course of two days. Food lovers will love the Taste of Adams Avenue which occurs annually in June. At this great festival, you can enjoy delicious food from all the restaurants, coffee houses, and bars that occupy the area. Current Homes for Sale in Normal Heights.


Photo Credit: Andrew Kleske

If you are interested in Buying or Selling in one of these or the many other great neighborhoods located throughout San Diego, give McT Real Estate Group a call today or visit our website


Buying a Home in North Park

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Buying a Home in North Park


If you are in the market of buying a home in North Park, then you are aware that our home inventory is selling very quickly.  You are also probably finding out that houses for sale in North Park do not stay on the market for very long; that is of course if they are not overpriced.  When sellers price their homes at market value, we are finding that we are receiving multiple offers on our listings, in many cases.  This can be upsetting for the homebuyer that keeps getting beat out.  

Here are 5 tips to help you, the homebuyer get your offer accepted.

  • Make sure that the Realtor that you’re working with is “nice”.  They do not have to be super experienced and/or perceived as an aggressive negotiator. Just because they are aggressive does not mean that they are a good negotiator or that this will benefit you, the buyer. This may actually hurt your chances.
  • If the home for sale just came on the market, don’t write an offer under list price and plan to get it accepted.
  • Make sure that the lender that you are using is “super experienced”. Ask them if they would be able to get your loan approved quickly so that you, as the buyer are able to have your Realtor write in the offer that you would be able to remove “all contingencies” in 12-14 days.  If they are a good lender, most likely they will be able to do so.   This will look very appealing to the seller.
  • Have your Realtor write in the offer that they will complete all inspections in the first 10 days of acceptance. Then make sure to do what you stated you would do or you will get pushed out and the next person will be able to step in and buy it.
  • Unless the home looks like it is falling apart, stop asking for the seller to pay for termite clearance.  This is another item that will look appealing to the seller. Before you do this, your Realtor should ask the listing agent if there is a termite report.  This way you will know exactly what to expect and can make an educated decision about this.


If you are in the beginning stages of your home search and are looking for a “nice” and experienced Realtor to work with, please reach out and email, text or call us at the McT Real Estate Group.  

We are here to help you find your home and get your offer accepted.

Real Estate Can Be Fun

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Real Estate Can be Fun

Buying or Selling a home in San Diego is very serious but can be fun as well.  When working with the McT Real Estate Group, not only will you be fully satisfied with their expertise, professionalism, and negotiation skills.  You will also have fun during the process.

Living In North Park

by North Park- Real Estate Expert


North Park is a great place to live. Known for it's Spanish Style and Craftsman Style bungalows and full of exciting things to do on your time off.

I just came across this video provided by North Park Mainstreet which shows a little bit of what North Park has to offer.

Take a peek!


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