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South Park Rental Open House

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

South Park has a Mult-Unit Property that has two Darling Rentals Properties and waiting for great tenants. We will have open houses for both on Sat. May 6th from 12-2pm. For more info on these detached homes, click on the images below.


This is the one bedroom one bathroom

1538 33rd street


This is the two bedroom, two bathroom home

1540 33rd

Should You Buy or Sell a Home in San Diego's Hot Market?

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Should You Buy a Home or Sell a Home in San Diego’s Hot Market?

Home Drawing


Buying a Home or Selling a home in San Diego can be very emotional and stressful for the most part. This is mostly true for the traditional/conventional buyer or seller but not so much for the home investor. If you are an investor that keeps homes or one that buys a home, remodels it and turns around and sells it right away (known as a flipper), it is all about the numbers. If the numbers work, then you move forward. If they don’t, you move on to the next one.

For the average person Buying a Home it is more about loving the home you are getting ready to buy. It is also about the neighborhood, neighbors and the environment around you. Of course you also want to make sure that the home that you are ready to buy is also a good investment; however, it is more of a place to call home. You want to be able to see yourself living there in the next 5+ years or so.

Here in the North Park and South Park neighborhood of San Diego, we are still experiencing a very hot market and in many cases the homes we sell are receiving multiple offers and offers that are going over list price. If you are a seller, this is an amazing feeling and opportunity. On the other hand, if you are a homebuyer and have lost out on other homes because you were outbid, this can be very stressful and discouraging. To make this a little less stressful, it is imperative that you work with an experienced Mortgage Lender as well as a Realtor that is an expert in the neighborhood and with the complexities that come with getting your offer accepted. This person should be a strong negotiator your behalf, and making sure that you understand every step of the way so you can make the best-educated decisions throughout the process.

The same holds true with the Mortgage Lender that you choose to work with. It is usually best to go with a local lender that understands how Real Estate in Southern California works. This is not to say that you should not work with a lender that is in another part of the Country. We are just sharing our experience of the last 12 years. Things usually go a bit smoother when the lender is local.

If you are thinking of Buying a Home or selling a home in the North Park or South Park Communities of San Diego, give the McT Real Estate Group a call, text, or shoot us an email. We are here to help.

2736 B Street Condo in Golden Hill

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

We have a fabulous condo for sale in Golden Hills that not too many people know about yet. It is not on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, or any other real estate website, except ours right now. We are just getting ready to put 2736 B Street on the market in January and are very excited to do. This is a two bedroom top floor condo in a great neighborhood of Golden Hill in San Diego. The complex is clean with several amenities such as two gyms, jacuzzi, an outdoor barbeque sitting area and an area where you can store your bike if you have one.

It is located in such a great area just steps to Golden Hills Restaurants and Cafes, the weekend Farmers Market, Balboa Park where all golfers are thrilled to go to, and super close to Downtown, the San Diego Airport and the Naval Medical Hospital.

We should be going on the public market on January 11th so if you or anyone you know is interested if seeing the unit and possibly putting in an offer, reach out and let us know.

3078 Ivy Street-San Diego- Just Listed

by McT Real Estate Experts-Metro San Diego

South Park Open House

Just Listed in South Park, a beautiful 3 bedroom Craftsman Bungalow. We will be open this Saturday and Sunday,

Dec. 27th and 28th from 1-3pm. We hope to see you there.

North Park + South Park homes

by North Park-South Park Real Estate Expert


In North Park and South Park today we have a lot of people who are beginning to realize how many wonderful opportunities they have when they take advantage of the great financial purchasing power within our North Park and South Park real estate market. North Park and South Park,  located in San Diego is offering home buyers an excellent selection of prime North Park and South Park homes for sale.

The housing crisis has a profound effect on the confidence of home buyers in North Park and South Park, but some seasoned buyers have begun to see the real possibilities that are available today. The interest in short sales in North Park and South Park is increasing because these North Park and South Park short sale properties have been priced competitively. This opens up excellent opportunities for buying well established homes and provides perfect solutions for lenders, potential buyers, and North Park and South Park homeowners all together.

A lot of people have seen that certain situations like with the interest rates being way too high or purchasing homes they truly can't afford, or an unexpected loss in their income, has put them into positions of financial hardship. Most of the time these people owe more than what their homes are actually worth. This is a bad situation. What makes it worse is them being unable to keep their monthly payments paid. They find that they are also unable to qualify for refinancing to try to get lower interest rates. Sometimes the best move is to cut your losses by getting out from under an unaffordable home and to move on to one that they can afford. Starting over sometimes is the best solution.

Whenever this kind of situation occurs, the lenders will be willing to work with homeowners. They want to help them by assisting with the selling of their homes at prices that are insufficient to pay off their existing mortgage debt. But being able to help a homeowner to avoid foreclosure and escape having to deal with unmanageable debt benefits the lender as much as it does the homeowner. One good thing for buyers in this kind of situation is that the interest rates are very favorable, making  North Park and South Park short sale properties excellent opportunities. 

At this time there is a broad variety of choices in regard to traditional sales in North Park as well. This means more opportunities for buyers to locate the right property for their specific needs. Many investors have given this area a hard look over and found it a great location for purchasing properties for the purpose of making profits. Buying properties for rental income purposes is a great way to build a steady income that will curb any future problems with their finances.

If you own a home in the area of North Park and/or South Park and have been thinking of selling, then now could be the best time for you to take action. As the interest rates grow steadily a lot of sellers are seeing that they're able to attract a lot of different buyers all at once. By creating the kind of situation where there are more than one buyer interested at the same time the selling price can increase and the entire process can speed up more than one would think at first. Having several buyers who want the same home will spark an atmosphere of competition that can drive the offers up and net the sellers a better price for their homes.

North Park and South Park Homes

by North Park-South Park Real Estate Expert


North Park and South Park homeowners who are selling their home today are benefiting a great deal from today's market. Although prices have come down since the big boom of several years ago, interest rates are so low that there are a lot of buyers searching to buy the right home. Some North Park and South Park sellers can still experience multiple offers when they are ready to sell because of the low inventory right now. It allows them to select the best purchase agreement which is often closest to their asking price and sometimes above. When several parties are interested in buying, it is to every one's advantage that they make their offer as desirable to the seller as possible.

The real estate crisis is not old news by any stretch of the imagination. It's still very fresh in the minds of the masses. Those who know the impact it has on current sales are taking advantage and purchasing their ideal properties in our desirable North Park and South Park neighborhoods. Homeowners who want to sell their property and buyers that are interested in short sales in North Park and South Park will find that it's an area with a great deal to offer. It can accommodate nearly any budget.

Short sales aren't all that's available. There are traditional sales in North park and South Park to consider, as well. Homeowners who have built up their home equity can easily sell their property and receive more than they currently owe on their mortgage. The transaction itself is very simple in comparison to a typical short sale. But, whichever route buyers and sellers choose to go, a realtor with experience knows the "ins and outs" of the process and can offer the understanding needed to complete the sale that wins each buyer their dream home.

1436 Bancroft Street, South Park Open House

by Mary McTernan


​Do not miss this Awesome Open House!

Sat & Sun, Nov. 19th & 20th, 1 to 3 pm

​1436 Bancroft Street, San Diego CA 92102


North Park Open House

by Mary McTernan

Do not miss this Awesome Open House on Sat and Sun. July 16th and 17th from 1-3pm at 2420 33rd st San Diego CA

1630 Edgemont St

by Mary McTernan

Here we are again on Edgemont St in 92102. Golden Hill/South Park with fantastic sunset and canyon views. Live upstairs in this Mid-Century Artsy Home while the unit downstairs helps you pay for the mortgage or just convert it into a 3bed 2bath.



We will be open on March 5th and 6th from 1-3pm.. Don't miss it!

South Park Open House Success

by Mary McTernan

This weekend turned out to be a very good one for selling homes in San Diego.  Due to the South Park Sign Stealer we had to get creative and in doing so came up with our Human Sign Twirlers.  It was such a success this week end that we plan to do it on every new listing that we get.  Along with the 30 some odd regular open house signs that we put out the 4 new Human Sign Twirlers helped us in getting approximately 150 people through the house on 2231 29th St during our two, 2hr open houses. We've received several calls from agents yesterday and today that are putting in offers so this weekend was definitely a good weekend for selling homes and having fun while doing it.


Take a look and the guys..

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