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2432 Boundary Street

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

2432 Boundary Street in North Park

Another North Park home for Sale in a great neighborhood in San Diego. Contact us for more info on this home.



2212 Myrtle Ave

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

2212 Myrtle Ave- North Park Spanish Style Home

This Spanish Style home is located one block in from Morley Field in North Park. For more detailed information, contact the McT Real Estate Group at


Receive Highest Dollar For Your Multi-Unit

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Receive the highest dollar amount when selling your multi-unit property

4676-4678 East Mountain View Drive

If you live in one unit and have a tenant in the 2nd unit, here are a few simple tips that will help you achieve the highest dollar amount when selling your property.

1- Speak with the Realtor that is selling most of the homes in your neighborhood. He or she will be able to help you determine what upgrades or updates should be completed prior to selling and what will bring a higher return on your investment. There may be some things that you think you should do when in reality, it will probably not be that important to potential homebuyers.

2- Do a walk through with your Realtor and look at your property through a buyer's eye. Are the rooms light and airy? Do you have bulky furniture, or do you have extra stuff lying around that you really don’t need to have out? If so, thin it out and remove some of it. Our homes in the San Diego Metro neighborhoods are on the small side, so we want to make sure that we can create an illusion for a potential buyer. We want them to move in visually with their furniture when they first see the property.

3- Do a walk through with your handyman as well. Are the interior and exterior walls showing signs of deterioration? A fresh coat of paint will do wonders. Do you currently have dark or bright walls? Colors in the home can be tricky since certain bright or dark colors are very personal. Again, lighten things up. Have the windows professionally cleaned, inside and out. Only have things cleaned up that need to be cleaned up.

4-The same thing holds true with the outside of the property. Look at the property’s curb appeal. Does it have one? If not, create it. Clean out weeds, plant a few low tolerant, pretty plants to add a splash of color, add a little mulch if needed. Trim some of the trees if needed, but please make sure, not too much. You want to make sure that they are full but tidy.

 5- If you have tenants in the 2nd unit, you may want to give them a 30-day notice. What we have found in the past is when tenants find out that  you are going to be selling the property, they will typically say that they will be ok with showing the property to potential buyers. In reality, what happens is that they become annoyed with people coming in and out of their space, and they become very irritated. The unit will never show as well as if it were vacant or even if you lived there. We typically recommend staging vacant properties but have found that when we have to choose between a messy tenant or a vacant property, we will go with the vacant property. Tenants are not motivated for you to sell, so they are never motivated to keep the place neat, clean and show ready. What we have found is that you will always sell for a higher dollar amount without a tenant in the property.

6-At this point your Realtor would have most likely started pre-marketing your home to their database of potential buyers, and other Realtors. There should be a buzz going on about your home and people waiting for it to hit the market. In the Metro Neighborhoods of San Diego, if you have priced your home correctly and have done all the steps mentioned above, you should see an offer within the first two weeks.

3312 30th Street • San Diego • Just Listed

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

North Park Open House

Saturday & Sunday March 14th & 15th, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm

This home is a short walk away from an eclectic array of restaurants, shops, entertainment, and Balboa Park where you’ll find swimming, tennis, golf and dog parks


3381 Felton Street • San Diego • Just Listed

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

North Park Open House

Sunday February 22nd, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm

Just listed in Altadena, a highly desirable neighborhood in North Park. This Craftsman home features a perfect balance between casual elegance and modern conveniences. 


Home Buyers Purchasing Power

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Buyers Purchasing Power

Buying a home is exciting and can be a little nerve-racking at the same time. Trying to figure out what a home will cost and how much one can afford can sometimes be confusing since rates are constently shifting. Right now our interest are rather low which are amazing times for a homebuyer.

An average home in our San Diego Metro neighborhoods right now is approximately $550,000-$570,000. A home buyer can purchase a home at $570,000 and have payments of approximately $2804.00 per month. Taking advantage of our low interest rates are crucial as you can see on this chart what happens as the interest rates escalate.  That same payment will be $3148.00 if the interest rate increase by 1%.

Buyers Purchasing Power

North Park Homes for Sale and Coming Soon

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

North Park Featured Homes for Sale

We have a few homes for Sale in North Park that are new and some have not hit the market yet that are great buys.  2094 Montclair Street is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath North Park Bungalow priced at $535,000-$550,000. This is a great home for someone who is trying to get into the market and would like more than 2 bedrooms.

Then we have 1738 Pentucket; this is a 3 bedroom with another room/office/den priced at $500,000-$530,000.  This one has a privacy fence and a deck off of the master suite that looks over the gorgeous canyon with spectacular views.  This home is not on the public market yet but will be coming on in mid February.

Finally, 2618 Lincoln Avenue is an awesome newer detached townhome which consist of 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a 2 car garage. This one is unique as they do not have HOA fees, so it is like owning a single family home. For anyone that wants to be right in the middle of it all, with-in walking distance of all of North Park's restaurants and shops, this may be the place for you.  Oh, by the way, this has not hit the market yet either.  It will be going on on Jan. 27th so don't miss out.  

If you would like more information about any of this great North Park Homes, please feel free to call, text or email us.  We are here to help.

3078 Ivy Street-San Diego- Just Listed

by McT Real Estate Experts-Metro San Diego

South Park Open House

Just Listed in South Park, a beautiful 3 bedroom Craftsman Bungalow. We will be open this Saturday and Sunday,

Dec. 27th and 28th from 1-3pm. We hope to see you there.

Buying a Home in North Park

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Buying a Home in North Park


If you are in the market of buying a home in North Park, then you are aware that our home inventory is selling very quickly.  You are also probably finding out that houses for sale in North Park do not stay on the market for very long; that is of course if they are not overpriced.  When sellers price their homes at market value, we are finding that we are receiving multiple offers on our listings, in many cases.  This can be upsetting for the homebuyer that keeps getting beat out.  

Here are 5 tips to help you, the homebuyer get your offer accepted.

  • Make sure that the Realtor that you’re working with is “nice”.  They do not have to be super experienced and/or perceived as an aggressive negotiator. Just because they are aggressive does not mean that they are a good negotiator or that this will benefit you, the buyer. This may actually hurt your chances.
  • If the home for sale just came on the market, don’t write an offer under list price and plan to get it accepted.
  • Make sure that the lender that you are using is “super experienced”. Ask them if they would be able to get your loan approved quickly so that you, as the buyer are able to have your Realtor write in the offer that you would be able to remove “all contingencies” in 12-14 days.  If they are a good lender, most likely they will be able to do so.   This will look very appealing to the seller.
  • Have your Realtor write in the offer that they will complete all inspections in the first 10 days of acceptance. Then make sure to do what you stated you would do or you will get pushed out and the next person will be able to step in and buy it.
  • Unless the home looks like it is falling apart, stop asking for the seller to pay for termite clearance.  This is another item that will look appealing to the seller. Before you do this, your Realtor should ask the listing agent if there is a termite report.  This way you will know exactly what to expect and can make an educated decision about this.


If you are in the beginning stages of your home search and are looking for a “nice” and experienced Realtor to work with, please reach out and email, text or call us at the McT Real Estate Group.  

We are here to help you find your home and get your offer accepted.

Real Estate Can Be Fun

by North Park Real Estate Expert-Metro San Diego

Real Estate Can be Fun

Buying or Selling a home in San Diego is very serious but can be fun as well.  When working with the McT Real Estate Group, not only will you be fully satisfied with their expertise, professionalism, and negotiation skills.  You will also have fun during the process.

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